niedziela, 1 sierpnia 2010

Lazy Train

 Lazy Train Myspace Profile

Band Members:
Roberson.Vocal | Beto.Guitarra | Pivete.Guitarra | Frank.Baixo | Jão.Batera

Lazy Train started in 1998 with some kids trying to enjoy their lives. Since then, lot of things changed, like our formation and influences. A long time on the road, was necessary for the creation of our own songs. Nothing different from other bands.

Now they  are reviving old remastered demos from 2001 and 2003, to return to work and promise a new album for 2011.
Lazy Train impresed me a lot. From first listening their Lazy Times I especialy like The wake up ( best song on this demo), Right girls d
on't like me and  Our Resume. Good demo.

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