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"Spain has been great place for tons of great skate punk bands and Amplify are one of them. Their sense for balance between melodic vocals and hellish screams during the songs while the rest of a band is pounding at the background is outrageously amazing"

Ampliy - Deadlines review at Thoughts Words Action
Band members: 
Viti  - guitar
Ruso  - Bass
Carlos  - Guitar
Pablo - Drums

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Punk rock from Asturies (Spain) formed in the summer of 2017. Inlunced with Propagandhi, Adhesive, SNFU, Belvedere, Pulley, Venere and some metal bands the band give their fans classic 90s punk rock/skate punk from a contemporary perspective and not giving a single f about fashion, trends and posers whatsoever to give. 

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02.The Church of Shame 
03.Dumbs Up 
04.Illogical Reason 
05.Fancy Fence 
06.Rich Kids on Stupid Attitudes 
07.The Hand that Hits 

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01.Song 1 
02.Old Standard 
03.Never Enough 

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Rabies (Czech Republic punk rock) are heading to Japan in February

Czech Republic punk rock band Rabies are heading to Japan in February. They have released new album Anarkids! on March 2018. Listen below their video to Heroes song below. You can buy some merch from band here.

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Good Riddance are recording new album with Bill Stevenson

Good Riddance  are recording new album. Check photo published by band and Russ Rankin at  facebook 

Back in the studio with these fools

Nieviem (UK melodic punk) covers Pennywise song Bro Hymn

UK  female fronted melodic punk band Nieviem covers Pennywise song Bro Hymn. This cover appears at band's new EP Up In The Air available to listen here

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Fat Mike announces NOFX 7" of the Month Club 2019

Fat Mike announced NOFX 7" of the Month Club for 2019. Expect new singles in 12 seven inch with a new art that you can design too. Pre order with more info  here

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Part Time Killer (Finland skate punk/melodic punk) are back with new song Notes To Myself

Great news. Finland skate punk Part Time Killer are back with new song Notes To Myself
This song will appear at band's upcoming album.

What´s up party people. Just to let you know we´re back. We took a “little” break which turn out to be 6-7 years or something…soooo here´s what´s going on. We got a “new” drummer Lari who was kind of obvious choice to do the job and Eppu is banging drums in one of the best bands in business One Hidden Frame. Both amazing drummers and friends. That´s all about that.