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Descendents release new song "Baby Doncha Know" from upcoming album "9th & Walnut"


Descendents released new song "Baby Doncha Know" from upcoming album "9th & Walnut" that will appear at Epitaph on July 23.

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Alex Melton covers Journey song Don't Stop Believin'


Alex Melton covers Journey song Don't Stop Believin' 

"If you ever wondered how Mark and Tom would sound on the iconic melodies of Don't Stop Believin, you're in luck today! I turned a 4+ min song into barely 3 minutes, just like Blink 182 would want".

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Fletcher Dragge from Pennywise was born 55 years ago. Happy birthday, you skate punk hero.

Happy birthday you skate punk hero Fletcher Dragge from Pennywise. He was born 54 years ago on April 22, 1966

Harold's Last Chance - 20 Years Too Late



1.My Jaw Is Glass 

2.Hold Your Breath 

3.I'm Out 

4.Push Too Hard 

5.Dead End 

6.Fall From The Sky 

7.They Put Me On Edge 

8.My Best Company 

9.Hit The Lights 

10.What Went Wrong (Cover) 

11.Back To Square One 

12.White Christmas (Cover) 

13.Follow Myself Around (Old Demo)


Reviewed by Chad Jensen, @punk-reviews


Follow band at bandcamp here 

This is absolutely the case for Harold’s Last Chance after the band released 20 Years Too Late — a 13-track blazing album that walks the line between 90s skate-punk and early 2000s pop punk. 

Pop-punkers will quickly find themselves bobbing their head to Harold’s Last Chance, humming and singing along to the catchy and addictive melodies the band writes. This band hails from Bremerton, WA, which is the birthplace of pop punk mavens MxPx and the influences are quite strong. 

20 Years Too Late opens with My Jaw Is Glass, featuring a nice metal riff that quickly shifts into those familiar pop themes. Once the vocals enter in the verse, the melodies are very, very catchy. The choruses on each and every song on this record are anthemic and will get stuck in your head. 

My favorite track on the record is Push Too Hard and Hold Your Breath but I’m telling you right now, there isn’t a bad song or a skipper on this record, unless you’re not a fan of covers (there are two deep into the record). The band covers Blink-182’s What Went Wrong and White Christmas — a holiday classic. 

 Push Too Hard opens with a Slick Shoes-esque guitar riff at a relative mid-tempo. The verse picks up the beat into double time before dropping back down into a breakdown chorus that will trigger the dopamine to drop in your brain. 

Singer/songwriter Chase Young has a real gift for writing melody. This album was recorded in Young’s home and that counts for some serious DIY points in my book. 

This is a very accessible and fun record that fans of pop punk will turn back to over and over again. I’m hoping Harold’s Last Chance continues to write and release music. 

 I’m not a huge pop punk guy, though I’m big into old Slick Shoes. I really dig this record by Harold’s Last Chance. On the five-star scale, I give 20 Years Too Late 4.5 stars. The only thing holding me back from giving it a perfect five-star review is the production but at the same time, it’s certainly not bad and is more than passable. For a band recording on a shoestring budget at home, it only makes me respect Harold’s Last Chance all the more. 

 Keep an eye on this band because I’m telling you right now, if the ubiquitous pop punk fans discover this record, it could blow up. 

For fans of: Slick Shoes, Rufio, MxPx, and Blink 182

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Reset (Canada melodic punk) release new song "Freedom" from upcoming album


Canada melodic punk heroes Reset are streaming new song "Freedom" from band's upcoming album "No Resistance" that will be out on April 23rd via People Of Punk Rock Records.