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Short of the Mark

Location: Perth, Australia

Band members:
Scott Robinson - Vocals, Guitars
Mike Cullingford - Drums
Dave Lydon - Bass, bgv's

MxPx, NOFX, Descendents, Blink 182 NOFX, Kerb, MxPx, Blink 182

They are not active these days. Short of the Mark a three piece melodic punk rock band from Perth, Western Australia, who formed in early 2002 and recorded debut ep "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" in early 2003. SOTM have shared the stage with respected Perth bands including JEBEDIAH, LAST YEARS HERO, KERB, CHANGE OF FACE, SAID GIRL, MILES AWAY and many more, Interstate bands such as THINKTANK(S.A), AWAY FROM NOW(Vic), HI-END AUDIO(S.A), SERENDIPITY (NSW), SOUNDS LIKE CHICKEN (Vic), HALFWAY OUT (Qld), PHOENIX DOWN (Qld) and ANOTHER DAY DOWN(Qld) to name a few. They have also played at Saltbush festival WA '03 and '04 and successfully completed a tour of QLD including a performance at SONfest '04 alongside artists such as RELIENT K(USA), JARS OF CLAY(USA), PILLAR(USA), NEWSBOYS, PAUL COLMAN, ANTISKEPTIC and many more.

Short of the Mark

From this site I especialy like Rain, Hail, Shine and Russian Spy.

If you know if they recorded more cds please let me know. I'm looking for their EP NO QUESTIONS ASKED or more cds in mp3 or in audio.

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