sobota, 31 lipca 2010

Again On The Way

Again On The Way Myspace Profile

Again On The Way is a young band from Columbia. They started in 2007 but now released  EP The Things Aren't As Believe which is their debut. It contains 6 tracks plus one bonus track.

This is good debut. The Things Aren't As Believe serves great technical and fast melodic hardcore tunes. It begins from short intro and end an intrumental song.  At first I can say that with  these 6 songs Again On The Way can prove that their technical abilities are on top.

Personally for me it's great that they started sing in English. First song called Answers is dedicated to non-spanish speakers. I know that in Colombia and in other coutries they have or they will have large fanbase but I can't understand other songs. I wish to hear more songs in English in future.

The compositions are varied enough for that debut EP. Stops and goes you can find in evey song. Guitar-riffs are portrayed perfectly.I especialy dig Answers with that longer intro.

This Ep isn't with faults. Vocals seems to be a little in background. I wish more charmonies in vocals section and intrumental. Well this is their debut so I will be looking for their next relese.

These guys sure haven't missed their debut. Another band to keep a close eye on.

The band put Things Aren't As Believe to downland in their myspace. So here it is:

Again On The Way - Things Aren't As Believe

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