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Slick Shoes

Band members:
Current members:
Ryan Kepke - Vocals
Jonah Peterson - Guitar
David S - Guitar
Jeremiah Brown - Bass
Joe Nixon - Drums

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Slick Shoes is a pop punk band from Antelope Valley, California. Their name comes from the hit 1985 movie, The Goonies, 'slick shoes' being one of the character Data's many gadgets. The band formed in 1994 and made their first release as a self-titled EP in 1997. They released 5 full length CDs, 4 of them on Seattle based Tooth and Nail Records. They also released an EP, a split with Autopilot Off and a greatest hits CD entitled The Biggest & The Best, featuring 3 previously unreleased songs. Slick Shoes' style could be described as fast and melodic, occasionally with a rough-edged hardcore punk/melodic hardcore sound. The band had gone through numerous line-up changes over the years, but singer Ryan Kepke and Joe Nixon (drums) performed on every release, while Jeremiah Brown (bass) played on all except their final album, Far From Nowhere. This was their first release without Tooth and Nail Records, which they left, not for religious reasons, but merely because their contract had finished and the band felt the need for a change. Far From Nowhere was released on SideOneDummy Records in the summer of 2003.

– Rusty (1997, CD, LP, Tape, Tooth & Nail Records)

05.Joe's Sick
06.Proved Me Wrong
07.Father Son Picnic
08.Losing Sight
10.Walk Out
13.By What Right
14.Tired Of You
15.What Happens Next 16.Represent

-Self titled (1997, CD, LP, Tooth & Nail Records)

02.I Guess
03.Five O Grind
04.My So Called Real World

-Burn Out (1998, CD, Tape, Tooth & Nail Records)

01.For Better, For Worse
02.East On Tracks
03.The Last Round
04.Fool Me No More
05.Late Night Showing
06.Away With You
07.When Does It End?
09.Call For Ambulance
11.Clenched Fists, Black Eyes
12.Parting Ways
13.Learn To Unlearn

-Wake Up Screaming (2000, CD, Tooth & Nail Records)

01.Another Day
04.Peace Of Mind
05.Hide & Seek
07.Have I Said Too Much?
09.Don't Mess With Texas
10.Good Intentions
11.This Is Your Life
12.There's A Reason
13.I Guess
14.Not That Far
15.Untitled (Hidden Track)

- Slick Shoes & Cooter (Autopilot Off) - split, 2000, Fueled By Ramen.

01.Slick Shoes – Crooked
02.Slick Shoes – Hope Against Hope
03.Slick Shoes – Ten Ways To Stay Out Of Debt
04.Slick Shoes – Work It
05.Cooter – Clockwork
06.Cooter – The Silver Star
07.Cooter – Pin The Tail On The Donkey
08.Cooter – Spring Training

-Self titled (2002, CD, Tooth & Nail Records)

01.My Ignorance
02.Pass Me By
03.Friday Night
04.Ten Ways
06.I Knew
08.So Much More
09.1 A.M.
10.No More Words
11.1000 Times Before

-Far From Nowhere (2003, CD, SideOneDummy Records)

03.Always There
04.Now's The Time
05.Sleep In
06.Once Again
07.Simon's Quest
08.Hope Against Hope
09.We Were Young
10.Hello Stupid
11.Down Hill
12.Drive To The End

- Slick Shoes, Value Pac & Ghoti Hook ‎– Triple Pak Of Punk (2011, CD, Tooth & Nail Records)

Disc 1: Slick Shoes - "Wake Up Screaming" (Released in 2000)
Disc 2: Ghoti Hook - "Sumo Surprise" (Released in 1996)
Disc 3: Value Pac - "Value Pac" (Released in 1996)

01.1. Slick Shoes – Another Day
01.2. Slick Shoes – Constancy
01.3. Slick Shoes – Angel
01.4. Slick Shoes – Peace Of Mind
01.5. Slick Shoes – Hide & Seek
01.6. Slick Shoes – Lucky
01.7. Slick Shoes – Have I Said Too Much?
01.8. Slick Shoes – Elisa
01.9. Slick Shoes – Don't Mess With Texas
01.10.Slick Shoes – Good Intentions
01.11.Slick Shoes – This Is Your Life
01.12.Slick Shoes – There's A Reason
01.13.Slick Shoes – I Guess
01.14.Slick Shoes – Not That Far
01.15.Slick Shoes – Untitled

Sumo Surprise

02.1. Ghoti Hook – Body Juggler
02.2. Ghoti Hook – Seasons
02.3. Ghoti Hook – South Capitol Street
02.4. Ghoti Hook – Ooklah The Punk
02.5. Ghoti Hook – Tract Boy
02.6. Ghoti Hook – Scared Am I
02.7. Ghoti Hook – Samson
02.8. Ghoti Hook – Shrinky Dinks
02.9. Ghoti Hook – Spice Drops
02.10.Ghoti Hook – Money
02.11.Ghoti Hook – Super Sumo
02.12.Ghoti Hook – Knock Knock
02.13.Ghoti Hook – Dry Run
02.14.Ghoti Hook – Never

Value Pac

03.1. Value Pac – Graduation Day
03.2. Value Pac – One Way Out
03.3. Value Pac – Come Back
03.4. Value Pac – Final Request
03.5. Value Pac – Happy Star
03.6. Value Pac – Blank
03.7. Value Pac – Sunday Christian
03.8. Value Pac – Missing You
03.9. Value Pac – Down & Out
03.10.Value Pac – Lean On Me
03.11.Value Pac – Sticks And Stones
03.12.Value Pac – Fun For Now
03.13.Value Pac – The Ballad
03.14.Value Pac – Loner
03.15.Value Pac – Brethren

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