wtorek, 20 lutego 2018

Jordan Burns leaves Strung Out

Strung Out announced the departure of their drummer Jordan Burns. 

To all our friends 

Next year will mark our 30 year anniversary as a band . That is quite an extraordinary feat for any relationship ESPECIALLY a band . We have always taken pride in this fact . Keeping it together for so long and making music that we can all be proud of . To us that is truly inspiring . Like any marriage Treating each other with HONESTY and RESPECT is THE MOST important factor . Passion ,Sacrifice and honor for each other and all we create are essential to keeping the unit whole . When those bonds are broken it can never be the same . Sometimes In order to survive and grow changes must be made . 

Strung Out would like to take this opportunity to officially announce that we will be parting ways with our drummer of 20 + years Mr Jordan Burns . We greet this new chapter with a deep sense of gratitude and relief . We could not be more thankful for everything we have accomplished together and for our renewed sense of creativity , and enthusiasm. We are brothers again plain and simple . It is extremely important to us that all of our devoted fans know how much the four of Us love and honor this band so we expect you to trust that this is in the best interest of Strung Out . We wish Jordan all the best and we promise all of you that we will continue to raise the bar and ALWAYS do it for the love because we still believe ! Stay tuned brothers and sisters for the best has yet to come

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