czwartek, 6 kwietnia 2017

Ray Braun from Canada skate punk In2Months talks with Melodic Punk Style about new album

Canada skate punk In2Months are in studio recording new album and this year the band will release their second album. In2Months first self titled album was released in 2015 available to listen and buy at Melodic Punk Style bandcamp and shop here

The biggest difference between this album and our previous album is that the majority of this album was written as a band. I think the song writing is better and we are very happy with how it's all coming together. We're very excited to have people hear it. There's going to be 11 tracks and I'm thinking it'll be released either during the summer sometime or fall
said Ray 

and about influences and sounds he statated that

A good mix of fast punk and punk rock. As for sounds/influences, everything from Lagwagon to bad religion to rise against. We hope people will like as much or more than we do

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