niedziela, 15 lutego 2015

Millencolin new album True Brew in April

Millencolin will release new album "True Brew" on April 28th through Epitaph Records and their lead guitarist Mathias Färm said more at interview with Soundwave festival here more about this new album:
"Old School, definitely. We wanted to find the essence of Millencolin, why we're doing this; and we wanted it to sound this way. So it's a lot faster and punk rock."

01. Egocentric Man
02. Chameleon
03.Autopilot Mode
04. Bring Me Home
05. Sense & Sensibility
06. True Brew
07. Perfection Is Boring
08. Something I Would Die For
09. Silent Suicide
10. Man of 1000 Tics
11. Mr. Fake Believe 12. Believe In John

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