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Symphony of Distraction

Band members: 
Jay - guitar, vocals
Steve - guitar, vocals
Pat - bass, vocals
Jimmy Law - drums

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4 guys from California who are unabashedly in love with melodic skate punk. This love is poured so aggressively into their music, that people who have heard it have been known to have portions of their face melt and have awesome-sauce ooze from their ear balls. Rock it at your own risk!

Start listen:

– Call It Off John (2012)
01.The Last Thing I Remember
02.Don´t Bother Screaming
03.Forever Echoes
04.Boy Is My Face Red
05.Never In Doubt
06.Exit Plan
07.Here´s To Me
08.Out Of Time , Out Of Place
09.New Cliches
10.Government Warning
11.End Of The World
12.Pardon My French
13.Take The Plunge
14.So Long, So Well

-Pudwack (2010)

02.Hello Whiskey Goodbye Brain
03.All Out Of Luck
04.9 To 5 Suicide
05.What´s Made Milwaukee Famous
06.Thrill Me
07.Operation Crazytime
08.Rob Fucked A Stripper (In An S.U.V.)


A Tribute To Much The Same (released on May 14, 2012, Torch Of Hope Records)
01.Symphony Of Distractiom -What I Know 
02.Halfway There -Gut Shot
03.The Down And Outs -Conclusion
04.Branch -Seasons Change
05.Trick Shots -Hits Home
06.Counterpunch -Living A Lie
07.Hopeless Dew -Liar
08.District Never Sleeps -Wish
09.Adrenalized -The Greatest Betrayal
10.Bedtime For Charlie -Take What's Yours
11.Rejected Kids -Still Falling
12.Criminal Colection/Punkhart -Stitches
13.Curbside -For Those Left Behind
14.Cleave -Masquerade
15.Straightline -Picking Up The Shattered Pieces
16.Jet Market - Skeletons

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