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Class Of 86

Band members: 
Andy Mathison- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Tate- Lead Gutar, Vocals
John Rude- Bass Guitar
Joey Millard-Guitar
Brady Krueger-Drums

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Class of 86 is a progressive punk band from Minneapolis made up of five young professionals that have been friends since they were in grade school. For well over a decade now the sound of the band has evolved from Iron Maiden inspired metal riffs and Bad Religion-esque wordplay to something more akin to Propagandhi’s open chords and riffing and, well, Propagandhi-esque wordplay. Not afraid to wear influences on their sleeve I suppose you could say. They have opened for many such influences like Only Crime, No Use For A Name, Dillinger Four, The Flatliners and A Wilhelm Scream, to name a few, and continue to write and gig regularly. They are set to release a new LP titled Future On Fire in the summer of 2014.

- Future Of Fire (1 st September 2014)
01.Future On Fire
02.Phase Change
03.Canon Fodder
05.House Dream
06.Dude's Chillin', Death's Creepin'
07.Casualties of More
08.Son Of Samsara
09.Give 'Em Enough Hope
10.Veni Vidi Vino (I Came, I Saw, I Drank)

-Self Titled (2009)
01.Troop 304
02.Green Light
03.Anal Eyes
05.Heather Be Thy Name
06.Broken Frame
07.The Culprit
08.Pigs Get Fed, Hogs Get Slaughtered
09.20 & Devout
10.America's Crisis

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