sobota, 16 sierpnia 2014

Australian skate punk bands at Bird Attack podcasts

Australian skate punk bands (The Decline and Anchors) appears on Bird Attack radio shows vol. 22 and 23. Garrett Wadford have interviewed Pat fom Perth band The Decline and Chris Lyon from Melbourne band Anchor. Check below what they have to say.

On both podcasts lots of skate punk tunes from:

Guttermouth,  Rebuke, Frenzal Rhomb,  The Human Project, Implants,  Mute DC Fallout,  No Use For A Name, This Is a Standoff,  Whaleface, Darko, Anchors, Forus, Local Resident Failure, Fair Do's, Adrenalized, Torches to Triggers,  DC Fallout, Pennywise,  Counterpunch No Trigger.

Episode 22 The Decline

Episode 23 Anchors

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