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Bird Attack Records


Bird Attack Radio presents us at his  on line podcasts the best skate punk tunes these days from bands and made interviews with them. If you are playing in skate punk band and want to be on some podcast contact with Garrett Wadford owner of Bird Attack Radio & Records.

Bird Attack Records  is a label that can release your album.


Bird Attack Radio & Records are releasing and distributing skate punk albums via  their web site. 


  • RADIO (only first 4 shows here, for rest go to Bird site):

Episode 1

Interview with Radio Havanna from Berlin Germany, Chinese Takey-Outey Prank Call, Live call to the Duval County Correctional Facility, Top Albums from 2013: A Wilhelm Scream, The Flatliners, Dutch Nuggets, The Human Project, The Implants and many more!


Episode 2

Interview with Counterpunch from Chicago, IL, Bonecrusher the angry redneck, Live call to the Duval County Correctional Facility, New tunes from Adrenalized, A Wilhelm Scream, Forus, The Flatliners, Dutch Nuggets, The Human Project, and many more! 


Episode 3

Interview with Brandon Landelius from the Arizona rippers AUTHORITY ZERO, Exclusive release of a brand new song by Forus off their ne w album LIGHTS. Herpes prank call to an unsuspecting boyfriend, New tunes from Evergreen Terrace, Forus and many more! 

Episode 4
Interview with Iri from Adrenalized,  Chris Del Rio from The Implants, exclusive release of a brand new song by Forus off their new album LIGHTS and more skate punk stuff.


The Decline - Resister (12 June 2015)
01.New Again 
02.Giving Up Is a Gateway Drug 
03.I Don't Believe 02:23 
04.Almost Never Met You 
05.The Blurst of Times 
06.You Call This A Holiday? 
07.Camberwell Street 
08.Broken Bones 
09.Wrecking Ball 
10.You're Not The Waitress 
11.Little Voices 
12.Underworld Tour 
13.Start Again


The formidable Perth punk rockers The Decline are back! Rejuvenated and revitalised with the release of their third LP "Resister". The beginning of the year saw the replacement of band members that has spawned a renewed and equally reminiscent Decline sound. The Decline knuckled down and headed straight in to record at Electric City Studios with Adam Round and Sam Allen who worked on their two previous releases. The result is an album that pays homage to their 90s skatepunk forefathers whilst showcasing a new mature sound that promises a long future for The Decline.


Local Resident Failure - This Here's The Hard Part (released on 13 March 2015)
01.Around The World
02.A Friend Named Hope
03.Old Skool
05.Long Night
07.Roll On 2
08.Into The Unknown
09.Failing Heath
10.The Shadow Of My Former Self
11.Newcastle Nights
12.Time Machine
14.The Re-opener

Local Resident Failure - This Here's The Hard Part

Newcastle Australia's "Local Resident Failure" have spent years of touring across Australia and Europe and consumed many litres of beer to produce their new album "This Here's The Hard Part"... now is the time for loads more touring and beers to flow. Digipak artwork by Bill Hauser (USA).
*Pee Records - Bird Attack Records for USA Distribution


F.O.D - Tricks Of The Trade (released on 23 October 2014)
01.Random Thoughts On A Saturday 
02.My Daily Valentine 
03.Welcome To The Show 
04.No Even For One Day 
05.Sing Along 
06.Dear Grace 
07.History Will Prove Us Wrong 
08.Tricks Of The Trade 
09.Homeward Bound 
10.Little Princess (For Lente) 
12.Cease To Exist 
13.How Can You Leave Me If You Never Let Me 
14.Mine to Me 
16.Something More 
17.Soundtrack Of My Life

F.O.D. - Tricks Of The Trade (Bird Attack 12 " vinyl) 

Belgium punk rock with some speed, some melodies and a whole lot of ass kicking. They take you on a ride through speedy ripping riffs and let you catch a breather with straight forward punk beats with highly advanced vocal melodies that will slap new life into your day!


Darko - Sea Of Trees (released on September 8, 2014)
01.Prologue (A Voice Unheard)
02.Canthus Viewpoints
03.Atlas To Atlantis
04.Hanging Off A Memory
05.Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts
07.Never Coming Home (Bonus)

Darko - Sea Of Trees (Bird Attack 12 " vinyl)

A land where punk meets metal and the shit hits the fan with amazing melodies and riffs that bring a smile to any skate punk fans face. You will be blown away with this album.


Fair Do's -  Trying Times (June 2, 2014)
01.One of Life's Great Lessons
02.Both To Blame
04.Crossed The Line
05.Player 2 Press Start

Fair Do's - Trying Times (Bird Attack CD)

Tons of tapping and ballistic guitar solos, fast rhythms, great harmonies and a drummer that will rival the great Jordan Burns... you be the judge of that.


Torches To Triggers - Modern Day Monsters

01.Home Sweet Home
02.The Perfect Hero
03.Air Up There
04.Dracula's Handy
05.Black Eyes
06.Under The Gun
07.Clay Minds
08.Necro Love
09.Silent Summer
10.Expect Revolution
11.Small Town

Torches To Triggers - Modern Day Monsters (Bird Attack CD)

The second full length album from Calgary Canada's punk group Torches To Triggers. Modern Day Monsters will take the listener from TTTs roots of punk and melodic hardcore across to an edgy rock n roll blend which is truly enjoyable from start to finish.


Mute - Thunderblast  (April 14, 2014)

01.Bates Motel 
02.Wolf's Den 
03.The Tempest 
04.Homesick & Tired 
07.Strangers Back Again 
08.Neon Valley 
10.Shadow Of A Doubt


“Thunderblast” is flawless and you really couldn’t ask for more. Face melting technical guitar riffs? Check. Melodic vocals? Check. Blistering drums? Check. Rhythm to move to? Check. “Thunderblast” is well on it’s way to becoming a classic staple in Canadian punk rock.


Forus - Lights

01.War's Not Over I've Just Found The Flag
03.Radio Lives!
05.If All Else Fails (Breathe In)
06.If All Else Fails (Breathe Out)
07.Beardy Crook
08.Space Time & Monkeys
09.Crisis Management Of The Special Kind
10.No Mercy

Forus - Lights (Bird Attack CD)

Every work from French skate punkers Forus requires full, unbridled attention and especially now when their new full album "Lights" came out, the most ambitious effort to date. 


The Human Project - Origins (October 14, 2013)

01.Criticise the Feign
02.Send Me Mental
03.Tragedy of the Commons
04.Seance Fiction
06.No Brainer
07.Impatient Bastard
09.One God Further
10.At What Point

The Human Project - Orgins (Bird Attack CD) 

"Origins" is the debut album from The Human Project. This 11 track monster is out now! Described as Fast, melodic hardcore punk rock from Leeds, UK, the boys bring a unique sound centered around unique vocals and backups you won't hear from another band.


Adrenalized - Tales From The Last Generation 

01The Prophets And The Wise
02.Eyeless Men
03.The Empire Of The Greedy
04.Last Man Standing
05.Tarkin Doctrine
06.No Red Helmets
07The Die Is Cast
08.Dead Inside
09.The Taste Of The End
10.When The Screaming Began
11Crawling In The Ashes
12.Tales From The Last Generation

Adrenalized - Tales From The Last generation (Bird Attack CD)

Fast ripping punk rock meets a tasteful amount of pure shredding metal. This is what we love and you will too. The album opens up with amazing riffs from all instruments. Once you listen to this album you’ll be an Adrenalized fan for life!


Dutch Nuggets - Nervous Wreck

01Not A Straight Line
02.Shovel & Grinny
03.Lock Your Doors
04.Static Sick
05.Losing Friends
06.Stimulus Response
11.Coffee Stain Pattern

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