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Mid July in the summer of 1999, Kp had just quit his previous band due to complications between members. He was talking on the computer to a friend from another local band, conversing the possibility of starting a new band. But the problem was, his friend did not have enough time. He suggested another person who was also talking about starting a band. Kp messaged him and started talking to him about a new band. That person was Andrew. Now with two guitars out of the way, and one song written. They had to find a drummer and a bass player. Andrew had been a band with a drummer named Ryan Ketchum, he gave him a call and talked about having the 3 get together sometime to jam as soon as possible. They got together that weekend to practice and hopefully get a few songs down. The first song written was 'Not True' and they had a few covers. The lineup at that time was: Andrew Stone: Vocals/Guitar Kp Merkley: Guitar/Backup Vocals Ryan Ketchum: Drums After much bass player searching, they reached local drunk Kevin Nesbitt. Making the lineup: Andrew Stone: Vocals/Guitar Kp Merkley: Guitar/Backup Vocals Kevin Nesbitt: Bass Ryan Ketchum: Drums But do to people conflicts it wasn't doing the band much good to be in that position and we needed a bass player we all could enjoy. (and the fact that Ryan didn't like him, and he couldn't 'Bone up his beat' to the satisfaction of our beer bashing buddy) So it was decided among the band that Kevin would no longer practice with us. Kp got in touch with local superstar Jordan Lester (formerly of 'The Speedway Detectives') and asked him if he would like to come play bass for Cheapshot. Jordan couldn't turn down the offer, and the very next day Jordan met the rest of the band. He picked up all of the songs very quickly and seemed pretty excited to be part of the action. Ryan, Kp, and Andrew talked about suiting up Jordan for the position. The decision was unanimous, Jordan was now a part of Cheapshot. Upgrading the Lineup to: Andrew Stone: Vocals/Guitar Kp Merkley: Guitar/Backup Vocals Jordan Lester: Bass/Backup Vocals Ryan Ketchum: Drums Cheapshot was now able to throw things together, write, and get ready for their debut on the scene. A month later. They were setup for their first show at the local club 'The Millenium' They took the stage first. They were nervous and very unprepaired. Starting with a song by 'Serial Joe' as a complete joke... nobody got it. They continued to play the show in front of a crowd full of people with broken expectations.... Cheapshot needed a change, new songs, new style, and a new singer. They started to write new songs, with a new energy. Jordan had wrote a few new songs, and Kp had taken over at Vocals. This drastic change had made Cheapshot much better, with alot more confidence and enthusiasm Cheapshot looked for a second chance at a new beginning. They were put on the bill for a humungous punk show on Gate Night. The news was an amazing relief. One week before that show they were asked to fill in for a band, and open for out of towners 'pezz' They looked to this show as a kind of preparation for the big 'Gatenite Smackdown Event' which they would have to impress people to gain much more notoriety in town. Cheapshot played the show on the 26th of October. There were very few people there, so basically they just played for a small group of friends that had come to see them. The next weekend they played the gatenight show, impressing many with their new found style and energy. The Lineup that has stuck with Cheapshot since the Pezz was: Kp Merkley: Lead Vocals/Guitar Ryan Ketchum: Drums/Backup Vocals Jordan Lester: Bass/Backup Vocals Andrew Stone: Lead Guitar Since that time Cheapshot has made a name for themselves around the local scene. And has played many shows. In December of 1999 Cheapshot Recorded their first demo tape, consisting of 3 songs.
From iLike you can downland their 2 songs. I'm looking for that  3 songs tape in original or in mp3 files. Check  Victoria song.

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