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First Offence

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Band members:

Blair Tulk - Vocals, Guitar
Brad Tulk - Bass
Devon Milley - Drums


Blair and Brad started First Offence in 2001, after they stopped playing with their first band, Raging Monkey. They found a drummer, Josh Bannister, and began writing and recording songs that would ultimately become An Army of None. Josh left the band at the beginning of recording, but finished all the drum tracks for the album. In 2004, the dudes met Justin Guzzwell and he quickly became the new drummer. First Offence continued writing, recording and began playing many more shows than ever before. On August 14,2007, the band released their first album, An Army of None, on Blair’s label, Secular Records. The follow-up E.P, Cesspools, was released on July 15,2008, also on Secular Records. At the end of the summer in 2009, Justin decided he no longer had time to be in the band, focusing on music school and his new band, The Crooks. Justin’s last official show was on Saturday, September 5, at Distortion. They asked their friend, Devon Milley if he wanted to slam out some fast beats with them and he joined as First Offence’s new drummer. The guys are currently recording the third album, which will be Justin’s last with the band. Peace Missiles will be released in the summer of 2010. During their first 8 years, First Offence have played with some great bands, including SNFU, Ceremonial Snips, No Other Way, Ab Irato, The Brat Attack, Molotov Smile, Commoname, Genetic Angry, Fireign, Three Chord Revolution, Bucket Truck and many more.


An Army Of None
14 August 2007
Secular Records

1 To Hell
2 Politial Honesty
3 The Problem
4 Fuck You
5 Think Green
6 P.O.W.
7 One Nation
8 Day in the Life
9 Death of Liberty

15 Juny 2008
Secular Records


1.Cesspools of Filth and Corruption
2.To The Grave
3.The Damned and the Righteous
4.Two Minutes Hate
5.End of an Era

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