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Just Another Burp

Band members:
Ciga: Vocals and Guitar
Dani: Drums and Burps
Lori: Bass and Shoulders
Skeggia: Travelling Soul

Web site:
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Just Another Burp

Just Another Burp (ex-Fliptime) is Melodic hardcore from Italy. Fast,catchy and melody like early Strung Out. JAB were formed at the beginning of 2006 from the ashes of Fliptime, after the leave of the bass player “Double P Mason”. This was a power trio with Skeggia at the guitar, Ciga at the bass and vox and Dani at the drums. JAB began proposing a melodic and fast skatecore, producing by themselves a first EP, “Tropical core”, in 2007. This EP has been later released at the beginning of 2010 by the independent label “Bells On Records”. In 2008 JAB autoproduced the video of the song “Breathless” ”(proudly made by 2008 is the year of the changement. In january “Lori aka Dimitri” became the new bass player af the band and some years later Skeggia decided to leave for a long travel in Asia. The new “Power trio” formed by Ciga (Guitar and vox), Dani (Drums) and Dimitri (Bass) began to organize gigs and to write many new songs. 2010 in particular is the year of the great inspiration. On 15th of decemeber 2010 they released first JAB full lenght  called“The real world” by “Bells On records”.

The first full-length album for this amazing and fast Italian Hardcore-skate punk band. 13 tracks for a travel in "The real world", in what it is and in what it would be!! With an eye to their wretched Italy.                                                 Interpunk

- Tropical Core( 2007, released on April 28, 2010)

1. Nightmare
2. The Real War-ld
3. Wonder Why
4. Against Your Illusions
5. Knowtorious
6. Iguana
7. Breathless Play

- The Real World (15 December 2010, Bells on Records)

02.Those Days
03.Italian Job
04.Globalization Is Not So Good
07.Do You Really Think History Is A Teacher Of Life?
08.Skeggia Has Lost His Coffee
09.Bitter Laugh
10.Your Lies
12 Burp In Our Eyes
13 Breathless

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