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Band members: 
Chic, Matt, Scott, Kev

Web sites: 
Pmx facebook profile  
Pmx bandcamp profile  

PMX are melodic punk band from Perth in Scotland who originally formed  in 1997. They stayed very active until 2008 before taking a four-year hiatus and returning in 2012.  In 2015 they released new EP Dark Days.

Stat listen:

 -Dark Days (5 September 2015, CD, Make-That-A-Take Records)

01.Pull The Trigger
03.Another Year
04.Without Me
05.Brave Face
06.Dark Days

Dark days presents great portrayed balance between fast technical skate punk style and melody a la No Use For A Name that makes  new band's  direction in their carrier.

-The Ballad Of Tony Montana (1st May  2013 Bells On Records)

The Ballad Of Tony Montana

'The Ballad Of Tony Montana', a 25 minute epic depicting the story of the infamous Tony Montana from his arrival in the US during the Mariel boatlift through to being gunned down in a blaze of glory.

-V/A. Tribute To Skatecore Builders. Belvedere (released on August 11, 2010, Bells On Records)

01. Forus - The Bottom Line
02. Actionmen - Popular Inquiries Into Everyday Disasters
03. Straightaway - All About Perspectives
04. High Five Drive - Brandy Wine
05. PMX - Slaves To The Pavement
06. Misled Balds - Male Pattern Impotence
07. Miss Big Mouth - Bad Decisions
08. Jet Market - And You Thought The Doctor's Probe Hurt
09. Main Line 10 - Excuse Me Can I Use This Chair
10. Softcore - Not My Problem
11. Tio Sam - Sik Salivation
12. No Perfect - Stain
13. Short On Time - Closed Doors
14. Waterweed - Two Minutes For Looking So Good
15. Play Attenchon - The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking

-Rise And Shine (2004, 2006, Bells On Records, Allstar Recordings, Milk & Cookies Records)

01.Enter The Pigeon
04.Code Red
05.Facts Are Fraud
06.Rock Star
09.Katy's Song
10.Pmx Tv
11.December Rained
12.The Epic

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