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Global Audience

Band members: Ryan, Jeff & Chris

Taken from PureVolume:
Global Audience was a fast-as-fuck political punk rock band from Kingston Ontario that were together for a few years in and around 2003ish. Due to members leaving to pursue other ventures in their musical and personal lives the band split a while back.

Beerhand, a new band which Jeff Nixon (the Global Audience drummer) now plays bass in is also home base for Steve Janssens who is more than willing to play bass for a re-birth of Global Audience. Tom Wilkinson, Beerhands drummer, is more than willing to sing for a re-birth of Global Audience. And Ryan Bawn, who originally played bass in Global Audience has expressed an interest in returning to play the guitar.

An old Global Audience number will be recorded when the guys get the time and the cash to do it right. This shouldn't take long and will likely be finished before summer's end (2008).

If you know more about their music please let me know. I'm looking for their cd called  Citizen in original  or in mp3.

Global Audience PureVolume Profile

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