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The best releases of 2014 at Melodic Punk Style

Here is the final of voting for the best skate punk/melodic punk album of 2014. Fans decided:

1. Lagwagon - Hang (74 votes)

Release date: October 28
Buy: interpunk
Band's facebook: here


Hang is concoction of Hoss, Trashed, and Blaze, seasoned with Duh’s metallic overtones and Let’s Talk About Feelings’ strong sense of melody, and finished off with a progressive character as yet unseen on any previous release. Lyrically it’s a stunningly substantive commentary on the modern world, written through the lens of a lifetime of visceral experience.

2. Fast Responseare - Welcome To Corruptia (42 votes)

Release date: February 19.
Buy/Listen: here
Band's facebook: here 

Croatian skate punk.Don't know what is better their music or fans.  It seems that both elements makes second place here.

3. Forus - Lights  and Rancid  - Honor Is All We Know 
(27 votes)

Release date: March 11
Buy: here
Band's facebook: here

Every work from French skate punkers Forus requires full, unbridled attention and especially now when their new full album "Lights" came out, the most ambitious effort to date.

Release date: October 27
Buy: here
Band's facebook: here

Rancid’s new record …Honor Is All We Know is much like their other records in the sense that it is filled with the stories and characters that populate the band’s lives, and reflects the cultural and political climate in which it was written and recorded.

4. Pennywise - Yesterdays (25 votes)

Release date: July 15
Buy: here
Band's facebook: here

In November 2012 Southern California’s raucous punk heroes Pennywise announced the return of the band’s original vocalist, Jim Lindberg. Now, coming off a sold-out 25th anniversary tour featuring the classic lineup of Randy, Byron, Fletcher and Jim, the same lineup has hit the studio to record Yesterdays, as both a tribute and fierce rebranding of their punk rock legacy.

5. F.O.D. - Tricks of the trade (23 votes)

Release date: September 30
Buy: here
Band's facebook: here

Well here it is : 'tricks of the trade'...the important 'second album' that combines all what this band is known for with an even greater feel and a master collection of fabulous songs. Breathtaking harmonies, great rhythms, tight musicianship and an all out 'punkrock flair' make 'tricks of the trade' one of the best poppunk albums for a long time

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