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One Hidden Frame

Web site:
One Hidden Frame facebook profile
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Band members:
Vocals/Guitar - Pekka Multaharju
Drums - Antti Roiha
Bass - Heikki Sokura
Guitar - Jere Laaveri

One Hidden Frame was formed in summer 2002. Form this time these guys (Pekka, Antti, Heikki and Jere) influenced by Propagandhi, Bad Religion etc. created their own style and built up very good live reputation. In 2009 One Hidden Frame returned with third full-lenght called Giant Steps ( after released TIME TO REACT in 2005 and COMFORTING ILLUSION in 2006).

On Giant Steps you get exellent production. That let One Hidden Frame's compositions shine more than ever. So if you dig Fat Wreck era with midpaced rhytms, great balanced of speed, catchy songs and octave chords you should get your hands on a copy ( Giant Steps).

- Time To React(2005, On My Own Records)
01.The Doors Will Be Shut
02.Endless Play
03.Time To Wake Up
04.Hopes For Tomorrow
05.This Song
08.Home Of The Brave

- Comforting Illusion (2006, Thug Free / On My Own / Mud Walk)
02.Program Deceit
03.They Disappear
04.Out Of Line
05.Carrying The Weight
06.Comforting Illusion
07.The Wrong Way
08.I Will Be Gone

-Giant Steps(2009, Thug Free Records (vinyl) / Dada Music (cd))

Vinyl release from Thug Free Records in May 1st 2009. CD release from Dada Music in November 2nd 2009.

01.The Dead Travel Fast
02.Tourist Of Huntsville
03.The Vulture
04.Calm Fists Get Cold Burns
05.Race To The Moon
07.Dude, Where's My Paycheck?
08.Third Year
10.Aim Less Shoot More

-The Water Seems Inviting (May 31, 2013 Full House Records)

01. Immortal
02. This is Not the End
03. The Undead Express
04. Cynic Stomp
05. Move Mountains
06. I’m An Arrow
07. See Red
08. The Waves
09. Balance
10. I Need a Second
11. A Quiet Grow

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