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One Track Mind

Band members: 
Chad Hogan - bass, vocals
Micah Garcia - guitar, vocals
Brian Arth - guitar
Scott Luttenberger - drums

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Southern California punks One Track Mind formed in the small town of Ojai, CA in 1997. Originally dubbed Catch-22, One Track Mind's lineup fluctuated during their formative period but eventually coalesced around guitarist-vocalist Josh Clark, bassist-vocalist Chad Hogan, guitarist Brian Arth, and drummer Scott Luttenberger. How did the band start you’re probably not asking? Josh came to Chad’s house one day out of the blue and asked if he wanted to start a band. Play the bass he said. Despite being an (delusionally) aspiring guitar player, Chad accepted the role, but not without having to shovel shit during the summer to pay off the bass guitar purchased by Josh’s dad. A small price to pay for rock superstardom. Scott was introduced to Chad by a mutual friend, who was blown away by this octo-man hybrid. Possessing a skill that is normally reserved for seasoned musicians, Scott gave the band most of its musicality and provided the blazing beats required for the punk rock sound of the day. Attending a nearby high school in Ojai, Brian was also introduced to the fold by a mutual friend of the band. A master of the “tweedy-birds”, Brian’s guitar playing was a perfect fit for OTM’s brand of punk with a dash of pop. Chad and Josh shared songwriting duties and practiced at Josh’s converted barn turned jam room, spending many a night after school rehearsing. The band’s first recording appeared on a compilation album for Blue House Records and was also featured on Regional Riffs, a local radio program on what used to be Arrow FM. A self-distributed demo recorded at Living Room studios followed. The band was gaining traction in their hometown, playing backyard party after backyard party. Meanwhile, the band was compiling material for their first full-length release. Local record company Rootcore Records expressed interest, and financed the band’s debut, All Whacked Out. Recorded at Clandestine Studios, the band would spend only 1 day tracking the music, with another day spent doing vocals and overdubs. Soon, many local gigs were booked, the band never meeting a Lazerstar or living room they couldn’t blow the roof off of. Through Eddie Numbskull, the band found themselves playing with bands they had spent summers idolizing. Opening for Strung Out at the Ventura Theater would be a highlight of their short career. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and the band split after Josh’s prized Fender Strat was stolen backstage at the Roxy in Hollywood. The band would record a final 3-song demo with this

 -All Whacked Out (1999)

01.I'll Never Learn 
02.No Life
05.What If? 
06.All Whacked Out
07.Neighbor Chick
08.Fat Chance
09.No Point At All
10.Kory's Technique
11.Next To Nothing
12.Get Out
13.Second Chance
14.One Track Mind

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Felipe Ferreira Valdés pisze...

muy buen sampler, quiero escuchar el disco completo

Felipe Ferreira Valdés pisze...

muy buena banda