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Band members: 
Codini Andrea - vocals/guitars
Tommaso Galli - bass
Simone De Vivo - vocals/drums
Alessandro Biolchi - vocals/guitars

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LineOut, active since 2007, released two self-produced EPs, "Put Your Hands Up" and "Volume Up!”, and, despite their young age, they played many shows in support of bands such as Atlas Losing Grip and Mute; as well as several European tours that have seen them perform in Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Germany besides the participation in the last edition of the Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia.

-Guardians of Punk Rock (2014)
01. Drunk Messiah
 02. Rich boys
03. Blasphemies
04. Four Dragons
05. Chocolat
06. Smash his face
07. Quality bro
08. Whole nation
09. Guardians of punk-rock

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