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Fans talks about Tony Sly (November 4, 1970 – July 31, 2012)

Today two years ago, Tony Sly from No Use For A Name passed away. Rest in peace, Tony. 

 Melodic Punk Style asked at facebook page here what people are thinking about Tony Sly today:

Chris Hogg 

 "I was watching them in Manchester UK. After the show my girlfriend and I wandered down a corridor lost and noticed this door slightly open, I pushed it open to ask how to get out.... and inside was NUFAN all chilling in a room! They welcomed us in signed stuff and were super cool! I was so proud to tell everyone I saw Tony Sly's nipples Amazing band. Amazing people. Tony is a legend. Sorely missed"

John M. Licari 

 "I saw Tony Sly and Joey Cape play an acoustic show one week before he died. When I found out of his passing, my friends didn't believe me, but it was confirmed. I listened to the entire discography that day. I even had my elementary chorus perform "For Fiona" that school year. I definitely turned some of those kids into fans."

Pablo Tovar 

"Good memories my first time I saw NUFAN was @ the warped tour 1995 and the first cd that I bought leche con carne."

Ray Braun 

"Tony sly is the reason why I play in a punk band and why my guitar case is full of punk bands. He was and continues to be a huge influence. It's too late to talk to you and it's too soon to say good bye."

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