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Sound Of Us. Volume One

Release date (digital version): 1 st January 2013.
Cover: Daykneeart facebook and wordpress

01.Raised By Apes - 50,000 volts 
02.Never Been Famous - Try to be 
03.Drunktank - Can't take it anymore 
04.Darko - Neo was an amateur 
05.Screed - Solely profit 
06.Fat Prezident - Brave souls 
07.Fair Do's - Cross the line 
08.Utopia Now - Derail 
09.Bandage - Now that you're gone 
10.First Step To Failure - The more things change 
11.Dowzer - Hope is for suckers 
12.Still Insane - Everything you have 
13.Crossfire Collision - Already resented 
14.Asado - Equipped to fail 
15.Hangin' Out - In vain 
16.Four Two Nothing - Self inflicted sickness 
17.Noopinion - Misfits of today 
18.Torches To Triggers - Stop the wedding 
19.Slush - Live and Die 
20.No contest - First world problems 
21.Slowly Fading Fast - From the stage 
22.Softcore - Fast melodies 
23.Subster - Bring it back 
24.Lowprofile - Black tuesday 
25.We Love Danger - Operation living proof 
26.Hate It Too - Blistering lights 
27.Broken Aris - Yens 
28.River Jumpers - Substance & Integrity 
29.Sic Waiting - My Reputation Precedes Me 
30.Raised By Apes - Scotland

Melodic Punk Style is proud to announce that compilation "Sound Of Us" is out.  You will hear on it  new songs of upcoming albums from Noopinion (Germany), Bandage (Greece) and 
Asado (Canada).
There are a lot of melodic punk songs from albums that were released in 2012, 2011 and even in 2010.  Only Raised By Apes (Canada) songs were unreleased before.
I hope  this compilation will  have phisical format some day. 

Stream/download for free below:

Band's web: 

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