sobota, 25 września 2010


Location: Canada, Quebec

Scumpunch Myspace Profile

Scumpunch started in July 2006 when bassist/singer Antoine and drummer Emilien wanted to start a new skatepunk band. They found a guitarist, JC, who had the same
musical taste as them so they decided to start Scumpunch. They wrote a few songs and learned a few covers but then Antoine decided to stop playing bass and only sing. The true reason is that he didn`t want to carry his bass around all the time.
They found a new bassist , Karl. They practiced for months and wrote around 10 songs. Scumpunch played shows every month and shared the stage with alot of local bands, as well as bigger Canadian punk rock bands such as This Is A Standoff and The Johnsons. The band impressed show-goers with how tight they were , considering they were only 15 to 17 years old at the time. They received comparissons to 88 Fingers Louie and old Rise Against. After about 25 shows in and around Montreal and two demo EPs recorded , the band decided to break up and move on with new bands. The last Scumpunch show was September 28th 2007.

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