piątek, 24 września 2010

Rocket Fuel

Band members:
Joei Pendon: Bass Vocals
Jezz Arranguez: Guitar Backup Vocals
Glenn Alonzo: Drums

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Rocket-FueL is a Melodic, Skate-Punk band from the Southside.The band was formerly known as NFI or Not Following Instructions to the local scene since 2001 but later on August 25,2009 it was renamed as Rocket-FueL realizing that its about time to change to a name that will sound positive. Rocket-FueL was born after NFI’s retirement. It started as Joei (Bass/Vox) and Glenn’s (Drums) side project then suddenly turned to a reality after Jess (Guitar/Vox) entered the picture. Rocket Fuel then started to play in local acts in hopes of spreading the new sound. After a couple of gigs Rocket Fuel started recording then the rest is history. Rocket Fuel will always play melodic punk rock from here

Not Following Instructions - Maximum Punkrock

1)Today, Tonight
2)Lost Friends
3)Broken Tune
4)Remember Responsibility
5)Waking Up On The Wrong Side Of Dreams

Forever Remains - Tribute To "Ian Bastard"

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