środa, 28 lipca 2010

Steve and the Alcoholics

Band members:
Steve - Vocals/guitar
Frasse - Bass/vocals
Håkan - Guitar/vocals
Erik - Drums

Steve And The Alcoholics facebook profile

Steve And The Alcoholics - Greatest Hits

Band info: 
Steve and the Alcoholics is a fast melodic skatepunk band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was started by Steve himself a couple years ago. After some changes of members and an upgrade from trio to quartet the band finally found its final line-up; a powerful blend of members from several established Swedish punk rock bands such as Chemical Vocation, When We Fall, Bowser and Go Drowsy.

Together they form a solid and dedicated skatepunk quartet with one great goal; to capture the hi-energy feeling of the old school skatepunk from the 90’s and deliver it in a new and fresh sound.
Fast melodic tunes together with some more aggressive elements driven by Steve’s both powerful and catchy vocals creates a tasteful mix of what can be called “modern skatepunk”.

The first recordings of the band, with songs like “No!” and “We’re Doing Fine”, were widely spread on all the skatepunk forums on internet and Steve and the Alcoholics fast became highly acclaimed by skatepunkers from all over the world. It was with a great sense of enthusiasm that the band recorded and released their long awaited debut EP with the appropriate title “Greatest Hits” the summer of 2010. The EP was very well received by the fans and the first pressing sold out immediately. Steve and the Alcoholics been giving their energetic and very appreciated shows all over Europe and they are now working on their full length album to be expected late 2011.

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