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Bowser was ( 1996-2003) a fast melodic punk rock band from Sweden who have been around for a couple of years, They were in to political issues like human and animal rights. Even though fast melodic punk rock was/is almost dead in Sweden they keept on playing and hoping for the music to flourish once again.
Since Pontus (guitar vocals) decided to leav the band the summer of 2003 the remaining members decided not to keep Bowser going. To start over with a new vocalist wasn't really an option.

Band members:
Nicklas Nåslund - Vocals (1996-1996)
Joel Olfosson - Bass (1996-1996)
Jani Pietilä - Guitarr (1996-1998)
Max Dahllöf - Vocals (1996-1997)
Robert Flemming - Vocals (1998-1998)
Irfan Insanic - Vocals (1998-2001)
Måns Allerbjer - Bass (1997-2003)
Håkan Ljunggren - Guitarr (1998-2003)
Pontus Fagerstedt - Guitar Vocals (2001-2003)
Tony Graf - Drums (1996-2003)

Manga Girl (1996)
1. Fields of vanity.
2. Manga Girl.
3. My sorry ass.
4. Lizmo song.
5. Tomorrow is the present.

Bowser's first recording ever. The line up on this one was a lot different: Tony - drums, Nicke - vocals, Jani - guitar, Jim - guitar and Joel - bass. We had a more softer sound back then, the songs where a lot more Bad Religionish. It was back here that we started to sound like punk rock. All the songs on this demo are good as hell. Unfortunately we never got to release this one cuz right after the recording was done Nicke (the vocalist) had to move away from Gothenburg back to his hometown Luleå. Jim (the guitarist) quit the band a couple of weeks later. That left me (Tony), Jani and Joel to find a new vocalist.

Opinion ( Tape, 1996).
1. My sorry ass.
2. Save the world from me.
3. Tomorrow is the present.
4. Independent.

Me (Tony), Joel and Jani started looking for a new vocalist, at the same time I remembered a guy who I knew where looking for a band. That guy was Max. I gave him a call and he said that he'll do it. (And there was much rejoicing). After a while we decided to do a recording so we recorded "Opinion". Some of the song on "Opinion" is the same as on "Manga Girl" this is cuz we thought that we would try to release them this time. After a while Max quit the band, he said that he wanted to play hard rock instead. A while later we kicked Joel from the band cuz he missed a lot of rehearsal. A while later Iffe started to sing and play guitar with us. Not long after Måns joined and started to play bass.

Bowser Vs NOFX (1997).
(How can a band be so stupid.)

1. I wanna be an alcoholic.
2. Six-pack Girls
3. Sticking in my eye.
4. Linoleum.
5. Please stop fucking my mom.
6. Jealous bastard.
7. My dog.

We made this recording just for fun, the sound was really shitty cuz we recorded it on a 8 track porta studio in a couple of hours. We actually got the thing reviewed in Closeup Magazine (it got butchered). a couple of months later Jani quit the band to, he said that he wanted to spend more time with his girlfriend. We started to look for a new guitarist. Måns though he maybe knew a guy who where interested, his name is Håkan. He said that he gladly play with us. This thing where only released on tape, I think we made about 7 copies.

One Happy Family (1999).
1. Coward.
2. One happy family.
3. Gloomy.
4. Old people smell.

This was our first release with Håkan on guitar. There is a bunch of great songs on it.

I hate that mainstream shit (2000).
1. I hate that mainstream shit.
2. No vote no say..
3. Outro.

This is our second release.


- One for my homies (song:Coward).

This one is a compilation from a small label in New Jersey, USA. This is the first comp ever released on this label. We participated with Coward on this.

-Keep it loud (song: No vote, no say).

This compilation is from a Canadian label called Hard Fist Records.

In 2001 they recorded  mini album called Bowser contains 7 songs released on Monster Records. In 2002 that mini album was re-released on Reprisal Records.

Bowser (2001)
1. The end will justify the means
2. Democracy
3. Religion equals oppresion
4. What does it take to be a man
5. Temporary happiness
6. Down with oppression and up with equal rights
7. Am I a criminal

In 2003 they  recorded demo cointains 4 songs.

History was taken from their web.
Bowser Website
Bowser Myspace Profile




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