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We Will Fly - Bangarang out now


 4.Fuck your flags
 5.The breather
 7.Butterflies& unicorns
 8.Undying times....
 9.Cutting cracks in a glazier's cag
10.Bonus track

Medium/Type:  Full length
Best Song:        Lulabies
Released:         May 2010
Record Label:   Fatsound

Sample song: Lullabies

Remember when German punks impresed releasing their first full lenght Your Darkness shows us the light, that sounded so great. Now We Will Fly are back with second full lenght called Bangarang and they are confirm good condition.

We Will Fly don't affraid to try out new things. On Your darkness shows us the light they sometimes tend to drang out some songs with a lot of transitions and intros. That was good at first time. I'm very happy that this time on second full lenght they reduced it. Now Bangarang sound chevier, faster and more powerfull but it's still melodic. Well with this release they showed how should looks melodic hardcore in hight level.They are inspired a lot.

I'm still impresed how these German can play technical and fast. You can see this in first track on Banbarang. It's essential and smash you every time when you listen it.Next three tracks continue technical abilities . These songs don't loose intensity with great guitar riffs. Especially you can see that in Fuck you flags.Again like in their previous release double vocals makes songs more stroneger and add a touch.

Werid observation but The breather an instrumental song divided this release into two parts. Most of the releases in this genre start fast but ends weak. Not this time. Maybe they wanted said "hey please take a rest,  next part smash you". I have that feeling when I listen this album. Lulabies and Cutting craks in a glazier's cage can define the band. These songs are  simply amazing.

We will Fly is not only  a band who can play fast and technical like 99 % in this genre. They are adding to their songs a real touch. Music and lyrics comes from their hearts. This makes their music more essential, interesting and varied ( every song).

We Will Fly

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