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No Parking This Side Wednesday

Band members:
Jan Clicteur (Guitar - Vocals)
Arne Clicteur (Bass)
Arne Debacker (Guitar)
Bert Clicteur (Drums)

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We're a rock band from Jabbeke, near Bruges. We like to have variation in songs en styles. We play a mix of skate punk, punk rock, ska punk, soft core and melody core, mixed with some rock & roll and alternative influences, even a slight poppy twist in some songs adds a sort of irony to the whole thing... Kinda difficult explanation for something very simple, cause everybody will just say it's punk rock...

We started playing music together way back in 2003. After 3 years of bullshitting around we thought we were ready for a new project. The line-up of the band changed completely and we granted ourselves a new name: 'No Parking This Side Wednesday', or just, in short, 'No Parking'.

After quite some time our music started to evolve to something even we liked. Gradually we gained the interest from the community and got to play more and more shows. Until now we shared the stage with No Fun At All (SWE), In-Sane (SLO), I Against I (NL), Multiball (SLO), Flatcat, Gino's eyeball, Hangin' Out, ... and hopefully many more great bands to be added in the future! Some of our songs got frequent airtime on an American punk rock radio station. We released our first ep ('First Eight') in the summer of 2010.

Be sure to contact us if you want us to build a little party at your show. You can expect a mix between punk rock as tight as the punani of my goat and a dose of absurd humor, West Flemish style. We bet you won't regret it!

-Demo 2009
-First Eight (2010, Self Released)

03.1001 Nights
04.Burn Your Worries
06.Fred & Johnny Grease
07.Summer Magnetron
08.This Is War

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