wtorek, 30 października 2018

Not On Tour (Israeli female fronted skate punk) are mixing new record. New album early 2019 ?

Israeli female fronted skate punk Not On Tour confirmed that they are mixing new album and we can expect new stuf from band in 2019. Hope early 2019 ? 

Hey Pioter! We recorded it and it is now in the last stages of mixing 🙂

great thanks and when are you planning to release it ? summer 2019? 

Sooner, hopefully! But we need to find a label first

 If you dont know their music, you have to check it. Not On Tour attack the listener with short, under two-minute waves of aggressive, yet melodic punk rock energy that draws from intense melodic hardcore of Smartbomb, Shook Ones and other high-octane punk rock bands clearly rooted in hardcore.

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