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Lagwagon's "Duh" released 26 years ago

Lagwagon debut album Duh was released 26 yars ago on October 1st 1992 by Fat Wreck Chords. Read what in 2015 Joey Cape said about Duh to Noisey

We have to talk about Duh. 

Joey Cape: It’s called Duh, which sounds like, uh, a mistake. I don’t even know what to say about it. I remember that we made the record in three days in entirety. Three fucking days! I mean, how good of a record can you make in three days? I don’t know. We played the whole thing live. All we wanted to do was tour and all of that’s awesome. But if I hear that record now, it just sounds like out-of-tune guitars. That right there disqualifies it. It makes me feel sick when I hear it. So there’s that, and then the lyrics, you know? Some of the lyrics are kind of stupid, I think. But that’s me being my worst critic.

 I’ve talked to some people for this column and they’re like, “We wish we could re-record this album but people kind of like it, too, so it’s hard.” 
Right. You have to reconcile the idea that these are period pieces. That’s what it is, that’s what it sounds like, that’s who you were. As much as you think there are many things you can do to better that record, you wouldn’t because now it’s set in stone. There’s a couple of records I’ve tried to remix when we were re-releasing our first five records. I had trouble remixing that album and every time I tried, I came up with the same result: It’s totally stupid. It’s the way the record is. That is what it was and you have to accept that. That doesn’t mean that you couldn’t improve it, but you would change it so in a way that wouldn’t improve it because it’s supposed to be the way it is. That’s it. You have to accept that. So that’s what Duh is.

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