środa, 7 lutego 2018

Goldfinger release new video to Tijuana Sunrise, Feldmann talks about Tijuana Sunrise song

Goldfinger have release new video to Tijuana Sunrise song. This song comes from band's new album The Knife.  

"I was a messed up, disillusioned kid living in San Diego. I was underage and unable to obtain a fake ID, so like many kids with a similar fate, I drank across the border down in Mexico. My life back then was so dark," says Feldmann of his younger days. "I would literally black out two to three days every week. I would come to eating a hot dog from a cart on the streets of Tijuana, but God only knows what I was actually eating. There’s so much violence and disease and so many drugs down in Tijuana. My college roommate was kidnapped there and almost forced into being a sex slave. Luckily, he escaped, but his mind was never the same. When I was a 17-year-old kid, I was arrested in Rosarito and thrown in jail with a bunch of older drunk locals. They took all of my money and all of my clothes. They took everything I had on me. Somehow, I was able to get my car back from them and drive home to San Diego. My life now is so different. I wanted to show the juxtaposition of my life back then, risking it all, to my life today with my family, my career, my friends and my hobbies. I truly do love my life today in 2018. I only survived back then by seconds and inches. I could have been kidnapped and murdered like so many kids back in the ‘80s in Tijuana. I’M SO GRATEFUL THAT I DON’T HAVE TO LIVE THAT WAY ANYMORE. I LOVE MY LIFE." 


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