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The Regent

"Technically oriented skate punk drawing inspiration from the likes of Propagandhi, Rise Against, The Offspring, Anti-Flag. In this genre their Politicial Fiction debut EP is of the best releases in 2017 year.

Band members: 
Kjell Thomas Mathisen - Guitars/vocals
Aleksander Hauge - Guitars
Benjamin Bue - Bass
Thomas Farstad - Drums


” Replete with fast and pummeling beats, catchy, melodic riffs and strong bass lines, the band’s debut will surprise fans of artists like Strike Anywhere, Anti Flag and Propagandhi and will surely prove why The Regent are considered one of the most promising Norwegian bands nowadays.” – New Noise Magazine

The Regent comes from  from Trondheim, Norway. Band's music is a dissident voice in a world of complacency, spreading the word of a planet in free fall and it’s corrupt leaders. In October 13 saw the light their first EP Political Fiction 

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01.Rogue States 
02.Tall Tales 
03.Sisters & Brothers 
04.Den Fjerde Statsmakt 
05.Fat Cats 
06.How To Build A Wall 
08.The End Of A Season 

 Label: melodic punk Style 
Format: CD digipack 
Release date: October 13 

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