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The best album of 2017 year at Melodic Punk Style

With pleasure Melodic Punk Style publish results of voting for the best album of the 2017 year. 

1st place
No Quarter - Freedom

New album from Aussie skate punk band. 12 fast paced punk rock songs full of relentless riffs and soaring melodies. For fans of Strung Out, Pulley.

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 2nd place
Shirley D. Pressed - Rust 

Debut album from Germany melodic punk band Shirley D. Pressed. If you are Lagwagon, No Use For A Name fan you will love these punks from Hamburg. 

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3rd place
   Propagandhi - Victory Lap
It's the balance between the ultra-complex and the slightly more approachable that makes "Victory Lap" a classic that we'll look back in awe in years to come. A clean production, which leaves edges intact and highlights the complex fretwork and rapidly shifting chord progressions, not to even mention the sublime percussion, ensures neither the vocals nor the instrumentals overpower the record, leaving plenty of room for Hannah's piercing sociopolitical commentary and the challenging instrumentation. Shove this record in the face of anyone who says punk is either dead, boring, simplistic or simply no longer fresh in 2017.

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Rest of bands from 4 to 10 place

4. Hack The Mainframe - Disorders Of Consciousness 82 votes
5. Charlie Bit My Finger - Third Time's A Farm 68 votes 
6. F.O.D. - Harvest 44 
7. Trashed Ambulance - Instant and 88 Fingers Louie - Thank You For Being A Friend 34  votes 
8.Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea 32 
 9.Bash Brothers - Life Lessons 31 
10. Straightline - Vanishing Values 28 votes

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