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Bash Brothers

Bash Brothers manage to blend speed, tech & melodies in a highly enjoyable punk album. How come they 're so good? Oh wait, they're Swedish... now I get it. One of the great punk discoveries of 2017

Band members:
Johan Engdahl - Vocals
Victor Hjort - Guitars
Linus Blomberg - Guitars
Richard Hansson - Drums
Niclas Källberg - Bass (live)

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"A group of friends that likes to play our take on punk rock. We like to keep it fast and melodic. Started out as a fun project in 2015."

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-Life Lessons (2017)
01.Falling Down 
02.A Part of Me 
03.Gone Forever 
04.Just Like You (ft. John Harcus from Pmx) 
05.Keeping Me Awake (ft. John Harcus from Pmx) 
06.Life Lessons 
07.Suit Yourself 
08.You Are Fading Away 
09.Spending My Time 
10.Immutable Change 


Self titled (2017)
03.One for you 
04.Give it all 


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