środa, 20 września 2017

The Regent post preview off upcoming single

Norway melodic hardcore band The Regent published preview of their upcoming single "Rogue States" out in September 22. This song will appear at band's new album. More info soon. 

"Replete with fast and pummeling beats, catchy, melodic riffs and strong bass lines, the band’s debut will surprise fans of artists like Strike Anywhere, Anti Flag and Propagandhi and will surely prove why The Regent are considered one of the most promising Norwegian bands nowadays.”

The Regent

Ny single "Rogue States" ute fredag 22. september! Verdenspremiere på Stjernepose på NRK P13 torsdag. Tune inn mellom 09:02 - 11:00 eller 20:00 - 22:00 for å høre pønk på selveste rikskanalen!

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