środa, 19 lipca 2017

Mr Fist

4 french dudes plays fun and catchy punk rock. Pure passion 

Band members:
Mich-Mich : Lead and Backing Vocals + Guitars
Machine 27 : Drums and Backing Vocals-
T.T Chapacan : Bass and Backing Vocals
Maximuss: Guitars and Vocals

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Born of the association of 4 experimented musicians, who have played in several bands and did lots of gigs in clubs, bars and festivals, Mr FiST have no other ambition than make the audience smile, sing and dance!!! The fun to play and share these songs

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-Mr FisT​.​.​.​Is all you need (2017)

1.This head is haunted 
2.I wish I was 
3.My 6th floor neighboors 
4.Loving motherland


-Now or Never (2014)

1.Let's Go 
2.Unga Bunga 
3.Time To Wake Up 
5.Only waiting for you 
6.Now Or Never-Beau Hill Mix 


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