czwartek, 20 kwietnia 2017

Ten Foot Pole new album “Setlist” on May 26th

Ten Foot Pole will be releasing their new album Setlist, out on May 26th via Cyber Tracks. The new album will include new recordings of 11 previously released songs, plus two new songs “Scars” and “I Don’t Want To Go”
Vocalist Dennis Jagard said  about the new album:

“We are excited to have fresh new recordings of our favorite old TFP songs, plus a couple of new ones, to introduce modern Ten Foot Pole to our friends, old and new.” 

1. Scars 
2. My Wall 
3. John 
4. I Don’t Want To Go 
5. Kicked Out Of Kindergarten 
6. The Getaway 7. What You Want 
8. Never Look Back 
9. Nova Scotia 
10. Closer to Grey 
11. Plastic 
12. ADD 
13. Old Man (Acoustic)

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