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Album of the 2016 year. Results at Melodic Punk Style

With big pleasure Melodic Punk Style wants to announce results of voting for the best album of 2016 year. Fist of all big thanks for those bands and people with whom Melodic Punk Style worked in 2016. We will support skate punk scene in 2017 too and maybe with more passion that before. Big thanks to those who voted, shared this. It's for fun, for bands that need our help.

1st place (288 votes)
Hack The Mainframe - Trapped Online

01.Trapped Online 
02.No Escape 
03Cause For Alarm 
04.May St 
05.Leroy's on a Bender 


I could've sworn hack The Mainframe are from California because of their tight 90s skatepunk sound that typically populates that area, but wait they are  from Australia. It's  proof that melodic punk is on good condition and imagine what these guys can do in future.

2nd place (255 votes)
Sidewalk Surfers - Not Me
02.Freak Out 
03.Hold On 


Melodic Punk Style band  Sidewalk Surfers and their new short Ep Not Me. Simple fast melodic punk with ska touch. For fans of Blink 182, NOFX. Can't wait for more from these guys. Ahhh this Freak Out and Hold On songs

3rd place (97 votes) 
Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinate
01.Feel This 
02.Victim Of Me 
03.On Paper 
04.Shameless Halo 
05.No Fat Burger 
07.Without Love 
08.We Got Defeat 
11.Fighting Myself 
12.Spineless and Scarlet Red 
13.Human Being 
14.Full Circle 
15.Comeback Kid 
16.Beyond The Music


 One album per decade has been the motto of punk rock legends Descendents ever since their four-album streak between 1982 and 1987. You'd imagine their fan base shrinking and relevancy questionable at such a slow rate of releases, but yet both 1996's "Everything Sucks" and 2004's "Cool To Be You" are revered as iconic classics within the genre. If anything, these albums reminded us about the roots of skate punk and contain numerous timeless riffs and melodies that have retained their status as fan-favorites even as decades pass by. Seventh studio album "Hypercaffium Spazzinate", their first one in twelve years, continues that pattern and serves as a reminder that Descendents are as vital as they ever have been within the genre.

Check the rest of results below:

Face To Face – Protection 47 
The Bouncing Souls ?– Simplicity 18 
 Skipjack - A Soundtrack to a Eulogy 82
 Ignite - A War Against You 36 
Friends With The Enemy - Declassified 43
 Curbside - Decades 17 
Bundles / DWatS Split 12" 1 
Fat Randal - Keep It Down 3 
Criminal Colection - Honest Songs 1 
Sarchasm - Challenger 1 
Give You Nothing - Your Revolution 3 
 Flying Frogs - Playing Again 43 
 Pulley - No Change In The Weather 78 
 Guttermouth - New Car Smell 19 
Guttermouth - Got It Made 18
 Blink 182 - California 42 
 Cookie Break - Going Nuts 23
 Colorsfade - Colorsfade 6 
 Allout Helter - Ruins 3 
 Castoff - First Step To Recovery 13 
TBA - Evenings 9 
Meddler - Meddler 22 
Implants - The Golden Age 30 
 Belvedere - The Revenge of the Fifth 64 
Antillectual - Engage 37 
After The Fall - Recollection 9 
Casper - Because Before 7
 Our Darkest Days - A Common Agony 27
Crosswise Decay - Trifles 10 
Fableway - Medical Tourism 18 
Mute - Remember Death 78 
 How To Fuck It - The Horrors To Come 7 
 Honey - Blast 19 
Unsigned - Mass Production 29
 Larrakia - Rantallion 5 
The Ocean Front - The Ocean Front 3 
Fifty/Fifty - No Borders 2 
Day Oof - The Vlack Album 20 
Acid Snot - Attitudes 44 
51 Percent - Fool me once. Fuck you 6 
Trashed Ambulance - Blurry Thoughts 0 
 Thousand Oaks - Monsters Begetting Monsters 8 
Such Gold - Pedestals 17 
The Friday Prophets - My Storms to Conquer 3 
Loser Points - Buncha Bangers 1 
Good vs Evil/Loser Points - No Fly Zone 0 
The Dead Krazukies - The Northern Belle 41 
Crossfire Collision - Have Hart 8 
NOFX - First Ditch Effort 71 
Useless ID - State Is Burning 82
 Milllencolin - True Brew EP 45 
 Venerea - Last Call For Adderall 16
 Minority of One - Never quit 9 
Struggling For Reason - Last Time For Second Chances 1 
Comminor - Let Call It Art 24 
 Danvers - Jazz Standards 5 
Tear Them Down - Abide 0 
Gibberish - Between Timid and Timbuktu 6 
 Darko - The Beards and Before 4 
Rebuke - Rhetoric Of The Work 6 
Dead To Me - I Wanna Die In Los Angeles 22 
 The Interrupters - Say It Out Lound 41 
Bitter Grounds - Remnants 1 
Bare Teeth - Demo 7 
 Pears - Green Star 35 
Main Line 10 - Sharks 51
 Casper - Hearsay Harmonies 2 
 Never Been Famous - Dark City Nights 2 
Omaha - Fast Music for Slow People 3 
 Last Imprint - Songs For The Hopeless 2
 Frenzal Rhomb - We Lived Like Kings 20
 Bittergrounds - Hollowlands 4

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