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Old skate punk band Adhesive are back with original line-up

Here they come again… 

The original line-up with Mathias, Micke, Geir, and Robert will reunite in 2017. We plan on playing a decent number of shows during the following year or so, and then it’s back to being punk rock retirees again. We bring no new songs, records and whatnot. Our goal is one thing: Raising money for charity, while having some fun along the way. We’re only in it for the cash.

1. We will start playing live shows somewhere in June. Since we live in different cities, all have jobs and families, finding time for practice is a little bit complicated. Remember - we haven't played together for about 15 years! We want this to be a killer thing, and that every show should be 110%. That's why we don't want to rush things. Bear with us! 
2. If you are/know/own/have a favor to claim from a decent promotor or agent, who wants to be part of this - contact us! 
Preferrably by mail: adhesivepunks@gmail.com 
3. Rock!

Follow band at facebook here

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