środa, 21 grudnia 2016

Uk skate punk Darko release new album early next year

Darko have announced that the band will release via Bird Attack new album Bonsai Mammoth in February 3rd 2017. Melodic Punk Style asked Rob Piper guitarist of the band about this album and here is what he said

So the new album bonsai mammoth is coming out on the 3rd of Feb via bird attack records. It's going to be 11 tracks and is fast and melodic as you would expect from Darko. I think it's evolved from the sea of trees sound and is more dynamic.
The band was at tour in Japan couple weeks ago. You can watch video from Darko Japan tour here Rob said  about this tour:

Japan was awesome, was a great experience being able to play that far from home. As you can see from the Canthus Viewpoints video we just released on YouTube, there was a lot of energy from the audience every night and all the people where warm and welcoming. The romantic nobita booking team are the best, they looked after us really well and made sure everything ran smoothly as well as being great fun to spend time with. The best show had to be the skate park show on the last day, it was a dream for a melodic hardcore band like us to play an all dayer in an underground skate park in Tokyo with so many great bands, circle pits in the half pipe and skaters zipping around.
Before they will release new album, Darko will appear at Melodic Punk Style new compilation Sound Of US Vol. 5, out in January 15 on CD

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