czwartek, 8 grudnia 2016

NOFX will release in December 2 new 7 inch EP's.

NOFX announced that will release two new 7" "Oxy Moronic" (December 16th) and "Hepatitis Bathtub" (December 23rd) 

"Oxy Moronic" 7" contains 2 versions from the song "Oxy Moronic" originally released on the album "First Ditch Effort".


01. Oxy Moronic (album version) 
02. Oxy Moronic (demo version) 

"Hepatitis Bathtub" is a 4-songs 7" EP with songs recorded in a basement in Omaha, Nebraska in 1987. you can combine 7 inch with with a towel and the book. Buy it here 

01. Too Mixed Up 
02. Nothing But a Nightmare 
03. Young Drunk and Stupid 
04. No Problems/Death of a Friend

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