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Six7teen - Short but sweet!

05.The Drive 

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Review by Chad Jensen

Six7teen hail from Austin, TX, one of the creative capitals of the world for the arts. That artistic element is clearly present in their 7-song EP titled “Short But Sweet”.

Six7teen’s music is mid-tempo pop punk. There are some indie elements to it, and for some listeners, that can be refreshing. For those looking for straight forward pop punk, you’ll have to hone your expectations a little bit.

“Short But Sweet” was engineered and produced by Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL), and there’s certainly nothing lacking in that department. The EP is sonically crisp and clean, but somehow manages to capture a vital, lively garage band aspect. That energy adds to the experience.

And you can hear the Descendents/ALL influence in the band. Whether that’s due to the influence of the producer, or the band’s natural sound, its hard to say.

But there’s a great energy to the music. The vocals are clean and always melodic. In punk rock, I tend to side with Bill Stevenson in that music—and vocals—can be aggressive and hardcore, but somewhere there has to be melody.

Six7teen brings the melody, there’s no doubting that. Some of their tunes, like “The Drive” even reminds me of early Green Day. Six7teen’s music might be mid-tempo, but its not lacking in technicality, which again speaks to the Descendents/All vibe.

 For those looking for a catchy, short but sweet soundtrack to highlight their summer, Six7teen’s EP will most certainly do the job.

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