piątek, 26 sierpnia 2016

NOFX new song I Don't Like Me Anymore

NOFX are streaming their new song I Don't Like Me Anymore from band's new album "First Ditch Effort" that will appear on October 7, 2016 at Fat Wreck Chords.You can pre order it here

1: Six Years on Dope 
 2: Happy Father’s Day 
3: Sid and Nancy 
4: California Drought 
5: Oxy Moronic 
 6: I Don’t Like Me Anymore 
7: I’m A Transvest-lite 
8: Ditch Effort 
9: Dead Beat Mom 
10: Bye Bye Biopsy Girl 
11: It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom 
12: I’m So Sorry Tony 
13: Generation Z

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