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Dave Wilson made tribute video for Tony Sly

Melodic Punk Style friend Dave Wilson made video to Lagwagon - One More Song which is tribute to a great singer Tony Sly who died on July 31, 2012. We miss you all here. 

Hey guys, 
When ever I listen to Lagwagon's hang album, there are two songs that always stand out for me. Obsolete Absolute and One More Song. Towards the end of One More Song, when Joey shouts Tony's name, it always grabs me right in the heart. The song is awesome and it's inspired me to make a tribute video. 

I've spent the week listening to my No Use For A Name albums, and appreciating what an amazing song writer Tony Sly was. I never got to see NUFAN or Tony's solo act, and it's difficult to accept that I never will. 

So after looking through as many photos and video that I could find of Tony, struggling not to cry listening to International You Day and reading all the amazing stories from tonysly.org, I finished with this video:

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