wtorek, 19 lipca 2016

NOFX new song Six Years On Dope

NOFX are streaming their new song Six Years On Dope from band's new album "First Ditch Effort" that will appear on October 7, 2016 at Fat Wreck Chords. The label published tracklist of their upcoming album.

1: Six Years on Dope 
 2: Happy Father’s Day 
3: Sid and Nancy 
4: California Drought 
5: Oxy Moronic 
 6: I Don’t Like Me Anymore 
7: I’m A Transvest-lite 
8: Ditch Effort 
9: Dead Beat Mom 
10: Bye Bye Biopsy Girl 
11: It Ain’t Lonely at the Bottom 
12: I’m So Sorry Tony 
13: Generation Z

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