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Useless ID are making video and ask for help their fans

Useless ID are making video for "We Don't Want The Airwaves" and they need your help. If you want to partcipate on this video send them picture or a video where you holding Ramones record or you are holding anything related with Ramones. 

Useless ID new 7 "We Don't Want the Airwaves" will appear on May 6th via Fat Wreck Chords.  Read info about it and listen new cover song here 

 Dear Useless ID friends! 

Want to be a part of the next Useless ID video? 

It's easy! 

All You need to do is send us a picture OR a short clip of yourself wearing a Ramones Shirt/Scarf/Hat/Tattoo ...WHATEVER... 
Here's where You send it to - 

You can send us a picture or a short clip of yourself Holding a Ramones record, drinking from a Ramones cup...You can be A Pinhead for all We care! 

Anything Ramones related would work and yes, You can get creative about this, too...take a photo of your mom or Your kid, make a video of your grandparents, We don't care - do something crazy, or not, just make it Ramones related and send over to us! 

When sending it, also tell us Your name, Age, and Town. 

Our Goal is to make a video for "We Don't Want The Airwaves" starring YOU - an international, all ages, all gender tribute! We want to show global world love for The Ramones and We got a plan!!! 

Deadline for sending stuff in is when We get enough...our song is only 2:30 long, so the sooner You send us shit, bigger the chance that You make it into the video. 

 Please share this with Your Punk Rock friends and Gabba Gabba Hey to You all!!!! 

 P.S - again, send this to

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