środa, 17 lutego 2016

The Dead Krazukies

Band members: 
Maider: Singer
Fafo: Guitar
KK: Guitar
Ju Krazuki: Bass
Phil Krazuki: Drums


The Dead Krazukies are French female fronted skate punk/melodic punk band active since 2010. In February 2016 saw the light their new EP for fans of Nofx, Anti-fFag, Rise Against, Pennywise.

Strat listen:


-The Northern Belle (CD, February 15, 2016)
01.Live Another Day
04.Running Out Of Time
05.Welcome To The Show
06.The Northern Belle
07.This Is Not The End

The Krazukies with new EP The Northern Belle blending instruments  precision with 90's melodic sensibilities makes definition how should sound melodic punk these days. For fans of Nofx, Rise Agains, Peenywise. 

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