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Reason X

Band members: 
Justin Ménard: Guitar, Vox
Austin Jewer: Bass, Back up Vox
Félix Lepage: Drums
Brandon Barclay - Rhythm Guitar


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Hailing from Quebec, Canada Reason X is active since 2010 and plays a blend between 90's Green Day / Rancid pop punk, 2000's skate punk with a little doze of ska punk. They've played with bands likes Reset, Exterio, The Whiskey Chase (ex members of 5 Knuckle Surprise) and many more...

-Annoying Things (December 15, 2015, CD)
01. Sick of You
02. Growing Older
03. Want my Beer
04. Hangover
05. Sins of Yesterday
06. Betrayed
07. All Over Again
08. You Should Run
09. Hear That Again
10. Reason X
11. Nightmare
12. Douchebags & Bitches
13. Frights
+ Bonus Tracks

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